Sam Browne 1.75″


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These belts are styled on the old military Sam Browne belt worn by army officers. They have a distinctive, central bar, double pronged buckle.
If a full military belt and shoulder cross strap is required, please contact Crispin Bending for more information.

The Sam Browne belts are available with solid brass or nickel plated brass, double pronged buckles in the following widths, 1.25″, 1.5″, 1.75″ and 2″.

They are made from the Italian shoulder leather and come in the following colours: mid brown, brown, black, grainy tan, grainy dark brown and grainy black.

Belt sizing:
The best way to work out your size is to measure a belt that fits you from the buckle end, excluding the buckle, to the hole you wear it on.

This will be your belt size. If you don’t have a belt, then measure your waist with a tape measure, with your trousers on and passed through the belt loops.

Please don’t give your trouser size as clothing manufacturer’s sizes are often inaccurate.