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These belts are different from the traditional brass buckles belts, simply in that they are made with a more modern style of buckle and the width is measured in millimetres rather than inches.

The buckles are die cast from an alloy called mazak (zamak) and have a matt pewter-like finish. They come in three widths, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm.

The leather for these belts is available in either a single piece of approximately 3.5mm or two pieces stitched together creating a thickness of approximately 4.5 – 5mm. This makes for a heavier and more substantial belt. The thread used is a high quality nylon bond and is very strong.

The leather for these belts is the Italian shoulder and comes in the following colours: mid brown, brown, black, grainy tan, grainy dark brown and grainy black.

Belt sizing:
The best way to work out your size is to measure a belt that fits you from the buckle end, excluding the buckle, to the hole you wear it on.

This will be your belt size. If you don’t have a belt, then measure your waist with a tape measure, with your trousers on and passed through the belt loops.

Please don’t give your trouser size as clothing manufacturer’s sizes are often inaccurate.